Property Cleaning Services in Soho

Having a clean and a healthy home is extremely essential. However, leading such hectic life makes it so difficult. For this reason, more and more people turn to professional cleaning companies and book their house cleaning services for all the chores they do not have time to complete on their own.

We are such company and we are recognised as the leaders in Soho. We offer excellent house cleaning services to all people in Soho who are in a need of a professional assistance. We can guarantee a sparkling cleanliness without you having to pay through your nose. All you need to do is to call us and book our house cleaning services. We will take care of the rest.

Act smart and turn to our Soho based company. With us, there is no more need to worry about the condition of your home because we can guarantee excellent end results.

House Cleaning 10% off
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

    We can visit you as frequently as you wish and do the chores you desire. We are available for weekly, biweekly, fortnightly, monthly and one-off appointments. We are working all in accordance with your preferences.

    All our cleaners are supplied with professional cleaning equipment and use proven cleaning methods to tackle different types of grime and mess. Each and every of our cleaners have been trained to the highest standards in this industry and undergone a background check.


    • What does your house cleaning include?
    • Our cleaning service includes domestic duties such as wiping cabinets and cupboards, polishing the kitchen appliances, hoovering the carpets, washing the hard floors, cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the tiles, dusting, etc. However, if the customer provides us with a to-do list, we will be happy to work as per their request.
    • Who is going to clean my home?
    • The cleaning session will be carried out by a team of hard-working and diligent experts with wide expertise in house cleaning. Being professionally trained, they are able to tackle all types of domestic chores quickly and efficiently. For your peace of mind, all our representatives are background checked and have clear criminal records.
    • Do I need to provide any supplies for the cleaning session?
    • No. Our cleaning crew will arrive at your address armed with the necessary arsenal. All materials, required for the cleaning session are included in the price. As our main objective is to ensure a healthy living environment for every client, we work only with environmentally responsible products.

    We are a professional company quite well known for its affordable prices and outstanding outcome. Our cleaners have proved thousand of times that they are unmatched in their field and are prepared to prove it to you. They are able to do all cleaning chores on which you simply cannot spare time or energy. We have provided them with a thorough task list including all the duties but you can feel free to customise yourself.

    Let our experts take care of the cleaning chores. We are at your service seven days of the week and we are always ready to come to the rescue. We are offering you our flexible and convenient house cleaning services at reasonable prices. Get in touch with us.

    “It is amazing to know that there is a cleaning company I can rely on. Thanks to this company’s domestic cleaning services my home always looks its best. There are no more cobwebs, dust and stains. Everything sparkles. I highly recommend this company and their services.- Jackie”

    “I do not know how to thank you! I already recommended you to all my close friends and relatives. I have been taking advantage of your domestic cleaning services for more than two years and I am always satisfied with the end results. Keep up with your amazing performance.- Pablo”