House Cleaning

Cleaning your house effectively can be quite a hard and time-consuming task. You might not have the time or the desire to methodically clean each and every room and we completely understand where you are coming from. This is exactly why our company has a lot to offer to the people in North London and has never failed to meet their expectations. House cleaning is what we are proficient in and we love proving it to you. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a one-off cleaning or regular appointments, we are here for you.

house cleaningWhatever the case might be, we always send cleaning teams of 3-4 people, and each of them covers one room. This guarantees that the house will be cleaned as fast as possible and the technicians themselves will be able to carefully clean every inch of it. Also they won’t be exhausted by the end of their chores, which is also something to take into account. They attend all of our cleaning trainings here in North London which happen once a month. It’s an opportunity for them to acquire new knowledge about cleaning and further develop their skills.

One of the best feelings is coming home to a fresh smelling house after one of our cleaning appointments. We want to give you this experience every week. Our cleaning teams are going to clean everything floor to ceiling, from wiping the floor and polishing the tiles to cleaning your blinds and curtains. You can give us a checklist with the chores you want us to finish first and we will make sure to accomplish all tasks given in it. For us impossible is nothing

Upon request, our cleaning technicians can take care of your laundry and wardrobe, as well. We offer linen changing, ironing of clothes and organizing your wardrobe. Such mundane tasks are not a problem for us and they can easily be included in a regular cleaning session. North London based customers can book their free evaluation any day and it’s even possible to schedule the cleaning appointment for the same day. Give us a call today and make sure you choose the best cleaning service for you.