Property Cleaning Services in Brixton

There are many reasons why our house cleaning service is the best way to have your house thoroughly cleansed and protected from various type of dirt and bacteria. Unlike many cleaning services in Brixton, all of our cleaning technicians have been specially trained to provide just the right type of end cleaning results that our customers find most satisfying and compelling.

We understand that every property requires a different type of cleaning- our cleaners are well-aware of all possibilities and methods of providing the right type of results. By employing us to be your professional cleaners and guardians of your home, you secure the clean state of your property- keep in mind that you can employ us for a single cleaning of one area in particular, or an entire house cleaning(with optional deep-cleaning procedures).

House Cleaning 10% off
Regular Cleaning £16
One Off Cleaning £16
Deep Cleaning £18

    The cleaning we offer is definitely the best in Brixton, it includes every surface of your property – areas with peculiar dirt problems like kitchens, bathrooms, attics, living rooms and hallways are treated with appropriate cleaning tools. Our cleaners know just the type of cleaning methods and techniques that will appear most helpful to any dirt situation.

    All residents of SW2 are more than welcome to contact our operators and talk over the details of the cleaning they want to receive. We are extremely cooperative and always open for new suggestions or tips that will make the cleaning we provide suit you better.


    • What does your house cleaning include?
    • Our cleaning service includes domestic duties such as wiping cabinets and cupboards, polishing the kitchen appliances, hoovering the carpets, washing the hard floors, cleaning the bathroom, scrubbing the tiles, dusting, etc. However, if the customer provides us with a to-do list, we will be happy to work as per their request.
    • Who is going to clean my home?
    • The cleaning session will be carried out by a team of hard-working and diligent experts with wide expertise in house cleaning. Being professionally trained, they are able to tackle all types of domestic chores quickly and efficiently. For your peace of mind, all our representatives are background checked and have clear criminal records.
    • Do I need to provide any supplies for the cleaning session?
    • No. Our cleaning crew will arrive at your address armed with the necessary arsenal. All materials, required for the cleaning session are included in the price. As our main objective is to ensure a healthy living environment for every client, we work only with environmentally responsible products.

    Common dirt and dust areas between kitchen appliances and on top of their surfaces are treated with natural, green cleaning materials that ensure your safety while using them after the cleaning has taken place. Delicate furniture and fabric are also taken into consideration- during our experience, working as professional cleaners, we have learned to manage all types of surfaces without damaging them.

    The safe and smooth removal of stains is one of our many special skills, all of which will be applied in the process of providing you with the best results, our diligent cleaners never settle with imperfect results- their one and only mission is to make your house a cleaner, better place with zero efforts on your part.

    “I live in a high block of flats and cleaning my windows is not a risk I am willing to take. Good thing your company of professionals exist. Now I don’t have to worry about hurting myself or someone else. Instead, I’m just gonna step back and let experts like you to handle this. – Eddie”

    “Honestly, I can’t tell if your company had my windows cleaned or replaced them all together. They look like they are completely brand new. I am so impressed and will totally hire your services every time I need them. It’s the best price as well. Absolutely worth it. – John”